A Sound of Freedom Review - John Carmon

A Sound of Freedom was a delightful read. It is suspense at its best. Some writers can take you to the edge of the cliff, but Walter Grant (alias D.B. Cooper) has me as a voyeur climbing that cliff (a clue to a chapter)! I didn't want to put it down. Thrilling; especially if you can read without having to stop! Walter always weaves stories out of his devious mind so as to pull you into the story and make you a part of it.

John Carmon

DB Cooper Review - Mingzhu Zhou

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, as it’s fascinating, enjoyable, full of mystical. I definitely recommend DB cooper for you to read.

Mingzhu Zhou

Review of Fulltiming by Richard Siegrist

Raven bought a number of books at the "Signing" in Anchorage to serve as Christmas gifts this year to special friends.  We are in the process of reading them all, before sending them off.  I just finished, "full-timing" by Honeybee the cat.  What a wonderful tribute to a loving and loved cat as well as an interesting travel adventure, as seen through the eyes of the cat.  What a delightful, intuitive imagination the writer has, to understand and sense the story as it may have been experienced by the cat.

Richard Siegrist

Misko Review of The Club, revolution continues…

The Club, a patriotic vigilante novel by Walt Grant oils over the wounds many of us feel when we see dishonor and criminal activities within the ruling bodies of our nation. We want to make it right but ethics, morals, laws and undoubtedly the heavy hand of the law would prevent the reader from doing that.

The protagonist is charged with the death of his girl friend, indicted, convicted and sentenced to death. His death is faked and he is given a 10 year window to repay the injustice with justice that he administers with those who have rescued him.

The book follows his maneuvers to protect America from criminals in the judiciary and legislative branches of government and along the way he falls in love twice and has a good many trips to the bed and shower. Nowhere are the sex scenes described or are details provided, so it is not an X rated book. 

All the way along, reading it day by day, the reader is led to believe that he can do this too. That within him remains the physical and mental strength to make a difference in the wrongs he sees committed and that are blasted across the pages of our country’s newspapers and TV screens. 

Take your heart in your hand and proceed through these pages with the idea that it could happen—could be happening, and thank God that others are doing it for you. 

James A. Misko, Gold Award winning author of As All My Fathers Were. 

Review of Fulltiming by Eleanor Ford

Dear Walter,
You write beautifully! Rachel Davis brought your book to my office here in the restored depot. I took It home to enjoy. 
Have you thought of writing about your life here in Hartsville?  You have the ability; do you want to share?
I have told many people about your Jerry Lewis impersonation. You are very talented.
Great book!!
Eleanor Ford
Executive Director
Hartsville/Trousdale C/C