Found – A Copy of America’s Declaration of Independence in England

For you sitcom watchers and sports fanatics totally unaware of reality, two Harvard researchers—the mention of Harvard or any other Ivy League school is scary in itself—have found a copy of America’s Declaration of Independence in England, made ten years after the fact and differs from the original as well as other copies. This copy, say those determined to find America to be illegitimately founded, proves the Framers of the Constitution, yes they are different documents, intended a National Government would rule over all—goodbye tenth amendment.  Add the NY Times op-ed,” What snowflakes get right about free speech.”—goodbye first amendment; followed, over time, by America’s entire governing document—The Constitution. The tyrannical world of AD3201 is on its way and will arrive sooner that I originally thought; perhaps I should change the title to AD2201. I hope to have the book ready for your enlightenment and reading pleasure next year.

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